Our Signature Programs

Program Root

Program Root seeks be a change agent in tackling the root causes of crime and generational poverty. Specifically, in Atlanta, Georgia, 60% of crime committed is from at-risk Atlantans ages 13-24. We know that this is a major issue in our city, and it will take a village to peel off the layers of injustices that have impacted our community, resulting in such a problem with our younger generations. We believe if we do a better job addressing generational poverty & systemic racism, we can open a brand-new pathway toward long term and immediate resolution. Thanks to our grassroots relationships and direct connections with families in the underserved community, they have the unique ability to build a bridge of critical resources that can positively alter the trajectory of underserved communities.

Program ROOT’s goal is to guide at-risk teens and young adults into a pathway of prosperity. It is a 6- month citizens development program focused on the four E’s: Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement. These four pathways will directly impact participants’ education tools to pursue a higher learning, a career pathway deep into the Film & Entertainment industry, access to startup tools to launch their own business and participation in key nonpartisan civic engagement. By equipping at risk young people with life changing access to resources such as mental health, financial literacy, STEM training, public speaking, and networking opportunities Project Root can have confidence in their ability to inject hope into a young person’s life that will draw them away from a direction of crime.

Trade Up Fair

If you have a clear-cut career goal and would like to get into the job market quickly, you may want to consider a technical or other specialty program. Technical colleges vary widely in majors, length of programs, cost, and other characteristics, but they have one thing in common: an emphasis on hands-on training for a specific career. TPU Trade Up Fair is our fall and spring initiative to bring careers to the communities through highlighting many opportunities with trade skills through collaboration with the City of Atlanta, Fulton County Government, Atlanta Public Schools and state of Georgia. We are determined to provide to strengthen the economic mobility of Atlantans by providing them more options to thrive financially through trade jobs.


In 2022, The People’s Uprising (TPU) was proud to partner with ONE Musicfest, MTV and the City of Atlanta to continue our Votelanta Celebration that originated in 2021. Votelanta is TPU’s signature nonpartisan voter registration and voter mobilization event that encourages the next generation of voters to be civically engaged. Votelanta averages an attendance 2,000 young people who annual come together to celebrate voting using Atlanta’s culture in music and entertainment.

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Votelanta Concert with Gucci Mane.

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Votelanta Runoff Roll Bounce.

Catch the Actions

TPU Trade Up Event.